To witness extraordinary natural beauty typically requires traveling thousands of miles to exotic places. So it’s often assumed. The immodest premise of these photographs is the contrary. What’s out there is also here. Almost immediately outside the photographer’s family room and kitchen there exists extraordinary natural beauty. To record the vision requires a sensitivity to seasonal opportunity, and the patience to await optimal light.

Here and There is an assemblage of photographs that I’ve made at or near my home, each one paired with an image garnered from my travels around the world. I presented the framed pictures at a five-week-long show in the Katonah Village Library in the autumn of 2012.

Here, for me, is Katonah, New York where I built a house thirty-two years ago overlooking the Cross River Reservoir whose water flows to New York City faucets, thirty and more miles away. The photographs include vivid autumn foliage rising from the reservoir shoreline; an ice-covered stream in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation; trees, flowers, sculpture, snow scenes around my passive solar home.

There is where I’ve traveled widely as a magazine editor and journalist mostly on assignment. . . the Swiss Alps; the Canadian Rockies; the Lower St. Lawrence River; Vermont; Montana’s Glacier National  Park; New Zealand; the Spanish Pyrenees.

The Photograph Makers:

John Fry has worked as an outdoors magazine editor for 50 years. He is the former editor-in-chief of SKI Magazine, editorial director of Outdoor Life and Golf, and founding editor of the New York Times Company’s award-winning magazine Snow Country. Fry worked closely over the years with many of America’s top outdoor photographers, editing their pictures for covers and picture essays. The late Slim Aarons, a Katonah friend and neighbor, encouraged Fry to explore his own talent as a photographer, with the result that instead of editing others’ photos, he recently came to edit the best of his own.

The digitization and enhancement of pictures for Here and There were done by Doug Abdelnour of Bedford Photo-Graphic, Inc., who has done work for some of America’s top photographers.

1.  Canadian Rockies Panorama – Few panoramas can compare with the Shangri-La of mountains and lakes stretching from Sunshine to Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies.

1. Sunshine vista Canadian Rockies

2.  Autumn Foliage, Cross River ReservoirPolychromatic fall foliage encircling the Cross River Reservoir at Katonah, New York.

2. Cross River Reservoir Katonah NY autumn

3.  Snow and Water, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation – In winter, a snow-banked stream in the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in New York State.

3. Ward pound ridge reservation NY

4. Swiss Alpine Village – Abstract image of a Swiss Alpine village — a fortuitous accident of film double exposure.

4. Swiss Alpine 2x exposure

5.  Snow-laden Conifers, Katonah – Fresh deep-fallen snow, quiet as feathers, soothes the eye too. . . whether on Katonah conifers … or on rooftops in Spain’s Pyrenees Mountains.

5. Spruce Pine Winter Katonah, NY

6.  Pyrenees Rooftops – Fresh deep-fallen snow, quiet as feathers, soothes the eye too . . . or on rooftops in Spain’s Pyrenees Mountains.

6. Rooftops Pyrenees Spain

7. Gaspe Garden Design – The cylindrical shape of an international garden design installation on Quebec’s Gaspé opens a floral vista of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Metis, Quebec.

7. Metal sculpture at Intnl Garden Design show frames Gulf Metis PQ

8.  New York Times-featured Sculpture Garden, Katonah – Concrete sculptures by artist Leslie Fry are scattered through the stones and creeping phlox of the photographer’s rock garden.

8. Rock garden with sculpture

9.  Frogs, New Zealand – Garbed in exotic greens, their goofy eyes bulging, frogs have forever attracted photographers’ lenses. These amphibians are Katonah residents and New Zealanders.

9. Frogs Bedford NY

10.  Frogs, KatonahGarbed in exotic greens, their goofy eyes bulging, frogs have forever attracted photographers’ lenses. These amphibians are Katonah residents and New Zealanders.

10. Frogs New Zealand

11.  Ayers Rock, Australia – Full-grown trees, looking like frayed matchsticks, etch the massive face of Australia’s Ayers Rock at dawn.

11. Ayer's Rock Australia

12.  Sky Over Cross River Reservoir – The early evening sky over the Cross River Reservoir, Katonah, NY.

12. Sunset over Cross River Reservoir NY

13. Grinnell Point, Glacier National Park, Montana – At dawn in Glacier National Park, the iron-hued peak of Grinnell Point is mirrored on the surface of Swiftcurrent Lake. 7 a.m., September 12, 2008.

13. Glacier National Park Montana

14.  Fire Island Grove Sunset – A dense grove on Fire Island takes on the
appearance of a tropical forest as the sun sets over Long Island’s southern

14. Davis Park Fire Island NY sunset

15.  Sphinx on Snow – In the photographer’s Katonah garden, a sphinx-like head, molded in concrete by artist Leslie Fry, rises resolutely from wind-scoured snow.

15. Sphinx-like concrete sculpture winter 2011 photographers home

16.  Water Reflection, Vermont Marble Quarry – An abandoned quarry in West Rutland, Vermont is filled with water reflecting the work of stonecutters who harvested its marble.

16. Abandoned marble quarry West Rutland Vermont

17.  Quatre Vents Garden, Malbaie, Quebec – Historic garden designed by Francis Cabot.


17. Quatre Vents Garden Quebec


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