by John Fry

ISBN 978-1-58465-896-2


380 pages, 90 illustrations

University Press of New England, 2006


A remarkable memoir and history of the sport.”

–Jean-Claude Killy, 1968 Olympic triple gold medalist

Over the last fifty years about 30 million Americans and Canadians skied recreationally and competitively. The Story of Modern Skiing chronicles the sport’s history: the development of ski culture, hills, and resorts, equipment, technique, instruction, competition, Nordic skiing, freestyle skiing, and snowboarding. Other topics include skiing and the environment and skiing and the media. A time line, map of major resorts, tables of ski champions, bibliography, glossary, and index of names and places make this the definitive work on modern skiing, both domestically and internationally.

Sports & Recreation, Snow sports, Travel / History


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John Fry, Author

University Press of New England, One Court Street, Lebanon, N.H. 03766


Illustrations 16-3.20130528104148_00001.




“A remarkable memoir and history of the sport.” — Jean-Claude Killy, 1968 Olympic triple gold medalist

“Fry notes that the direct work of his book consumed four years. The greater truth is that it is the result of more personal research spanning a lifetime, a degree of comprehension that comes only from having been there.”–Skiing Heritage.

“It’s impressive how much Fry actually does pack into a volume that would fit in a skier’s backpack along with a couple of sandwiches. Modern Skiing is full of helpful timelines, appendices and glossaries, along with ski trivia.” –Seven Days, Burlington, VT.

“John Fry . . . has written a thorough and entertaining history of the sport’s growth. Fry skillfully and vividly touches on what seems to be every aspect of skiing’s growth.” –Vermont Life.

“John Fry takes you behind the scenes of the sport of skiing, from the first 25 cents-a-day rope tow to the 72-dollar-a-day lift ticket at today’s mega-resorts. Fry has been there and written about how and why it all happened. His observations are a must-read book for anyone who has ever been on a pair of skis or a snowboard.” –Warren Miller, skiing’s foremost filmmaker.

“Fry takes you through the advent of lifts and snowmaking, the glory days of freestyle, the ups and downs of ski racing, and what skiing has meant to life, the environment and the economy. Fry’s love and deep understanding of the sport comes through page after page, and one picks up the book feeling like they’re joining in a great conversation with a ski friend.”—Boston Herald

“A deftly delineated look at skiing’s last half-century. Great, perceptive insights into the world of racing, the Olympics, the World Cup, ski publishing, and the growth of skiing as an industry and a sport, told with wit, warmth and personal introspection and incisiveness.” –Doug Pfeiffer, former editor of Skiing Magazine and “father” of freestyle skiing.

Viva la Sport of Skiing Dec 13 2006 “With ski icon John Fry as author and with a delicious poster art “cover” of spectacular ski slopes, any thoroughbred skier will find this book a gem – a fascinating 50 year chronicle of the development of the sport- its ups and downs and inside scoops. You’ll feel nostalgic as you read this detailed account and thank John Fry who gives us such a unique, well researched and educated schuss down memory lane. A must for your library!” — Sandra Heath, Stowe, Vermont – A Kid’s Review – Published on

If you like to ski (and read), you’ll love this book! Dec 14 2006 “If you are a skier with at least a modicum of curiosity about how the sport you are passionate about evolved and mushroomed, and who the players were along the way, this is a book that tells the whole story, how all the parts fit together, and it reads so well and so easily that at times it seems like a novel, and you wonder what happens next. But the author, John Fry, clearly knows his subject very well and has done his research meticulously, with annotated notes for every chapter, a glossary, bibliography, index of names & places, maps, record charts, etc. Skiing is a fun sport, and Fry makes it a comparable pleasure to read about modern skiing’s fascinating history. Skiers, it’s a great read!” — Thomas A. Corcoran – Published on


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