Henry Fry – A Brilliant Man and His Era Brought to Life

By “Sheryl”  [Posted on Amazon, Jan. 26 2014]

I just finished reading A Mind at Sea this morning.  I loved it.  I grew up in Quebec City and I’ve been fascinated by the city’s history for a long time.  Your book added yet more detail to my understanding of the city and how it grew, and of the people who built it.  Your great-grandfather was an incredibly talented person.  It was so wonderful to hear of how he cared for the seamen and their families, and for people in general.  I was really taken with their little girl, Mame, and was saddened to read of her fate.  I was also very pleased that your great-grandfather’s last years were happy, as he well deserved to be, although your great-grandmother’s latter years must have been very trying.  It was so interesting to read of the Wolfe-Montcalm monument, of the house beside the American consulate, of the coves, now gone, of the Prince of Wales’s visit – so much of what was in the book has some meaning to me. Many congratulations on a well-told tale of a superb person and his age.


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