Review of A Mind at Sea (Kindle edition)

A Mind at Sea: Henry Fry and the Glorious Era of Quebec’s Sailing Ships (Kindle Edition)

One mark of an outstanding nonfiction book is when you suddenly find yourself fascinated by topics that had never been of particular interest before. The “glorious era” of wooden shipbuilding and maritime commerce, the culture and society of Quebec City in the mid-1800s, the way in which mental illness was diagnosed and treated during that time — author John Fry explores all of these topics in examining the interesting life of his ancestor, Henry Fry. With meticulous research and vividly, accurately reconstructed accounts and anecdotes, Fry brings this story to life. You can picture the docks and coves, the grand ships at anchor, the broad sweep of the St. Lawrence … And you feel you know and understand his complicated, brilliant main character. I highly recommend this book! — Kathleen James, Manchester Center, Vermont.  [As posted on Amazon]